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Local Worker Placement

1. Professional team support:

Our dedicated team consists of experienced HR professionals who have in-depth knowledge of the Malaysian job market and regulations. This means we are able to provide you with local staff outsourcing solutions tailored to your industry and specific needs. Our team works with you to understand your organization's culture, values and business goals to ensure the employees we recruit are a good fit for your team.

2. Recruitment and Screening:

We recruit and screen in an efficient manner to ensure you find the best local talent that meets your requirements. This includes:

Develop a recruitment plan and design job ads and channels based on your needs.
Screen suitable candidates through an interview and assessment process.
Provides transparency into the recruitment process to ensure you are always informed about recruitment progress.
Our goal is to find the best-matched employees for your business through an effective recruitment process.

3. Regulatory Compliance:

We are well versed in Malaysian labor regulations and are committed to ensuring that our services always comply with relevant regulations. This includes:

Provide legal counsel to ensure employment contracts, remuneration structures and employee handbooks comply with regulatory requirements.
Regularly update and adapt services to regulatory changes.
Provide employee relations support and handle potential legal issues and disputes.
We are committed to providing you with secure and compliant employment solutions.

4. Flexibility and scalability:

Our services are designed to be flexible to meet the seasonal changes and unexpected needs of your business. Specifically, we offer:

Flexible employment contracts and terms to suit different projects and business cycles.
Respond quickly to new hire needs and ensure you have adequate human resource support.
This flexibility and scalability enables you to manage your human resources more effectively and respond to market changes.

5. Training and Development:

Our services don't stop at recruitment, but also include training and development opportunities for our employees. Specifically, we offer:

Customized training programs to ensure employees have the skills to handle business challenges.
Regular performance reviews and feedback to support employee career development.
Through these training and development initiatives, we help you build an efficient and dynamic team that adds value to your business.

By choosing our local employee outsourcing services, you will get a complete set of solutions covering all aspects of recruitment, management, training, etc. to ensure that your company is in a leading position in human resources management. If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us

Malaysia Recruitment Agency | Foreign Worker Malaysia
Malaysia Recruitment Agency | Foreign Worker Malaysia

Foreign Worker Placement

DreamJob Human Resources Outsourcing Company is proud to provide Foreign Worker Placement services, dedicated to helping companies introduce and effectively manage foreign employees from all over the world in Malaysia and Singapore. Our professional team will help you solve various challenges in the recruitment, employment, management and training of foreign employees to ensure that your company can stand out in global competition.

Key features of our Foreign Worker Placement service:

Global Recruitment Network:
Through our extensive international recruitment network, we are able to connect to foreign professionals across a wide range of industries. Whether your business is in manufacturing, construction or the service industry, we can find suitable foreign employees for you.

Professional regulatory compliance support:
The DreamJob team has a deep understanding of labor regulations in different countries and provides you with professional regulatory compliance support to ensure that your foreign employee employment process complies with all regulatory requirements and reduces potential legal risks.

Visa and Immigration Processing:
We will assist with visa and immigration procedures for foreign employees to ensure that all procedures go smoothly. This includes applying for and renewing work permits, visa processing, and communicating with local immigration authorities.

Cultural adaptation training:
To ensure that foreign employees can integrate smoothly into your work environment, we provide cultural adaptation training to help them better adapt to the new work and living environment.

Welfare and social security arrangements:
We will assist you in arranging appropriate welfare and social security plans for foreign employees to ensure that they enjoy complete welfare benefits at their place of work.

Why choose DreamJob’s Foreign Worker Placement service?

Cross-cultural team management experience: DreamJob has rich cross-cultural team management experience to ensure that foreign employees integrate into your corporate culture and become an important member of collaborative cooperation.

Comprehensive understanding of regulations: We understand and comply with the labor regulations of different countries to ensure that the employment process is legal and compliant.

Efficient recruitment process: Through precise recruitment strategies and professional interview procedures, we ensure that we select the most suitable foreign employees for you.

Full-service: From recruitment to visa processing to cultural adaptation training, we provide full-service to create a seamless Foreign Worker Placement experience for you.

By choosing DreamJob's Foreign Worker Placement service, you will get a powerful partner to help you build a diverse and efficient workforce in the global competition. Join hands with DreamJob to create a successful path to corporate globalization!

Singapore Worker Placement

DreamJob human resources outsourcing company is proud to provide Singapore Worker Placement services and is committed to providing flexible and efficient employee solutions for Singapore enterprises. Through our professional team and rich experience, we will provide you with one-stop service to help you succeed in the Singapore market.

Core features of our Singapore Worker Placement services:

Local recruitment professional team:
DreamJob has a professional local recruitment team in Singapore with in-depth understanding of the local labor market and business environment to provide you with efficient local employee recruitment services.

Flexible employment model:
We offer a variety of flexible employment models to suit the needs of different businesses. Whether you need permanent staff, temporary manpower, or project expertise, we can provide an employment solution to suit your requirements.

Local regulatory compliance:
We are well versed in Singapore's labor regulations and ensure that all employment activities and employee management processes comply with local regulations to reduce potential legal risks.

Integrated Employee Relations Management:
DreamJob will assist you in managing employee relations, including salary management, performance evaluation and employee development plans, ensuring that your team is dynamic and operating efficiently.

Why choose DreamJob’s Singapore Worker Placement service?

Local professional team: We have a professional local team that understands Singapore's local culture and market characteristics to ensure that we provide you with the most suitable employee solutions.

Regulatory compliance expertise: DreamJob’s team has an in-depth understanding of Singapore’s regulations and provides you with professional regulatory compliance support to ensure the legality of employment activities.

Flexible and diverse employment models: We provide a variety of flexible employment models to meet different business needs and help you better manage human resources.

Comprehensive employee relations support: From salary management to employee development plans, we provide comprehensive employee relations support to help you build a healthy and efficient work team.

By choosing DreamJob's Singapore Worker Placement service, you will work with an experienced team with deep local knowledge to create a human resources solution that suits your business needs. Join DreamJob to start a successful journey in the Singapore market!
Malaysia Recruitment Agency | Foreign Worker Malaysia

Transportation, Accommodation, Payroll

DreamJob Human Resources Outsourcing Company understands that in the global market, companies need more comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of employees and businesses. We offer a comprehensive range of services including transport, accommodation and payroll management to ensure your employees receive the best support both at work and in life.

1. Transportation services:

DreamJob's transportation services are designed to provide your employees with convenient and reliable transportation solutions to ensure they arrive at the workplace safely and on time. we provide:

Transportation Arrangements: Flexible transportation options, including corporate buses, transportation allowances, etc., to meet the different needs of employees.
Transportation Support Team: Solve transportation issues so employees can focus on work without worrying about commuting.

2. Accommodation services:

To make your foreign employees feel comfortable and secure in their new place of work, we provide meticulous accommodation arrangements. This includes:

Accommodation Recommendations: Provide accommodation recommendations based on employee needs, taking into account work location, budget and personal preferences.
Accommodation Coordination: Assist in arranging employee accommodation to ensure they have a safe and convenient place to live in their new environment.

3. Payroll Management Services

DreamJob provides a full range of payroll management services to ensure your employees are treated fairly and transparently when it comes to pay. We include:

Salary structure design: Design an appropriate salary structure based on market standards and business needs.
Salary payment: Ensure timely and accurate payment of employee salaries, complying with local regulations and company policies.
Why choose DreamJob’s comprehensive services?

One-stop solution: We provide one-stop comprehensive services, from transportation, accommodation to payroll management, to meet the full range of needs of your employees.

Customized services: We provide customized services based on your business needs and employee base, ensuring a high degree of adaptability.

Professional Team: DreamJob’s professional team will ensure efficient operation of services and employee satisfaction.

Global perspective: We have a global perspective, understand the culture and regulations of different regions, and provide you with global comprehensive services.

By choosing DreamJob's transportation, accommodation, and payroll management services, you will provide your employees with a secure, convenient, and comfortable working environment, helping them better integrate and develop in their new workplace. Join DreamJob to create an excellent work experience!

Application of Approval from Government Authorities

Under the complicated regulations and government procedures, DreamJob human resources outsourcing company provides you with a full range of government approval application services. Our professional team will assist you in successfully completing various application processes to ensure that your company does not face unnecessary troubles in terms of compliance and regulations.

The government approval application services we provide include but are not limited to:

Work permit application:
Assist your employees to complete their work permit applications and ensure they are performing their work legally and compliantly.

Enterprise establishment approval:
Support the establishment of your business and assist in applying for various licenses and permits to ensure you have a solid foothold in new markets.

Foreign employee recruitment quota:
In terms of foreign employee recruitment, we will assist you in applying for foreign employee recruitment quotas that comply with regulations.

Tax exemption application:
Assist you in applying for possible tax exemptions to ensure you get the best financial advantage for your business.

Social Security Registration:
Assist you to complete the social insurance registration application to ensure that employees are fully protected under the social insurance system.

Why Choose DreamJob’s Government Approval Application Service?

Professional Team: We have an experienced professional team with in-depth understanding of the regulations and government procedures of different countries.
Process Optimization: We optimize the application process to ensure that your application is completed efficiently and accurately, avoiding unnecessary delays.
Global Perspective: DreamJob has a global perspective and understands government requirements in different regions to ensure that your business is legal and compliant globally.
Personalized service: We provide personalized service based on your business needs to ensure that your specific approval application needs are met

By choosing DreamJob's government approval application service, you will get a reliable partner to help you successfully complete various government approval procedures and ensure that your business develops steadily and in compliance with regulations. Join hands with DreamJob to create a smooth business operation experience
Malaysia Recruitment Agency | Foreign Worker Malaysia

Recruitment & Training of Talent

DreamJob human resources outsourcing company focuses on providing your company with a full range of talent recruitment and training services. We are committed to discovering, attracting and cultivating high-quality talents to meet your business development needs.

1. Talent recruitment services:

Our talent acquisition services are designed to find the best talent for your business to meet your business needs. we provide:
Job Ads: Design and publish attractive job ads to ensure you attract potentially high-quality candidates.
Candidate Screening and Interviewing: Use advanced screening techniques and interview processes to ensure you only meet candidates who meet the job requirements.
Recruitment event management: Organize and manage recruitment events, including campus recruitment, professional exhibitions, etc., to expand your recruitment channels.

2. Training and development services:

Our training and development services are designed to increase the skill levels of your team and ensure employees are able to adapt to an ever-changing market. we provide:

Customized training programs: Design a customized training program based on your business needs to ensure that the training content matches your business goals.

Skills training and certification: Provide various skills training and certification courses to help employees improve their professional knowledge and skill levels.

Leadership Development: Provide leadership development training to management and leadership teams to improve leadership management capabilities.

Why choose DreamJob’s talent recruitment and training services?

Professional recruitment team: We have a professional recruitment team that understands recruitment trends and talent markets in different industries.

Diversified training options: We offer a variety of training options, including online training, face-to-face training and customized training programs.

Personalized services: DreamJob provides personalized services based on the needs of your business, ensuring that your specific recruitment and training needs are met.

Global Perspective: We have a global perspective and understand the recruitment and training requirements in different regions to ensure that you have efficient talent management worldwide.

By choosing DreamJob's talent recruitment and training services, you will get an excellent partner to help you build a strong team and adapt to the changing market. Join hands with DreamJob to create a successful talent strategy!

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Besides dealing with the fee charged for each foreign worker which is RM1,500 with a deposit of RM500 for each sector, you may find a lot of steps and frustrated, you are welcome to left the things done by us, with the best price, as well as many tricks will be provided to legalise your PATI. Some MNC may have sudden increase of production but found they are use up their quotas, here we have the way to solve it out for your organization.
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